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Dangerous Goods Transport

Focusing on the transportation of 9 types of dangerous goods for more than ten years, all kinds of batteries, electric vehicles, live products, etc. have professional practical experience and professional logistics services.

Air Sea Line

The double-clearance and tax-included door-to-door service of Jiuwei International Dedicated Line creates a new era of DDU/DDP service. Solve the customs clearance and delivery problems of small and medium-sized enterprises. Make international logistics easier!

Traditional shipping

Jiuwei international shipping services cover nearly 1,200 ports and cities around the world. More than 200 countries. More than 50 shipping companies. The freight rate is transparent, fair and within reach!

Air freight

Jiuwei International Air Freight Service covers more than 1,000 international airports around the world. More than 100 countries. Integrate more than 50 alliance airlines. Let your goods reach the world!

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